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Jessica's blog

Here in Northern Indiana, winter can be brutal. It is even more brutal when it shows up in full force while traveling. Read on to find out the hotels that offer indoor pools, some indoor activities as well as some great dining options you can enjoy during your stay here in Marshall County.

With school being right around the corner you want to make sure you get the most out of your summer this August. Luckily, there is so much happening over the next few weeks here in Marshall County, take a look! 

Farmers market is something you can’t miss while in Marshall County. You’ll discover a variety of fresh homegrown vegetables and fruits.

Summer is in full swing here in Marshall County! Don’t miss out on some great adventures before school begins!  There is so much happening over the next few weeks here in Marshall County on top of what is available throughout the year! 

Take the time to unwind and visit Marshall County. A County rich in culture, history, nature and so much more you’ll be discovering while your visit. In Marshall County we like to use our resources and make the best of it, we like to honor and preserve our history, recognize talent and make every visitor feel welcome. 

Looking for that biking adventure? Look no further then right here in Marshall County where are four different county bike trails already mapped out for you! The trails range from a 16 mile trail to a 63 mile trail! How is that for adventure?!

The staff at Marshall County Tourism would like to take this time to introduce you to Kenzie Quissell, the Social Media Manager Intern at Marshall County Tourism!