Top Ten Selfie Spots and Photo Ops in Marshall County! | Visit Marshall County

Top Ten Selfie Spots and Photo Ops in Marshall County!

Top Ten Selfie Spots and Photo Ops in Marshall County!

Everyone loves taking selfies! We made a list of the top ten places in Marshall County to stop and take pictures with just for you!  How fun would it be to create your own selfie trail with these top ten spots and post them as a group to social media? We would love to see as many people as possible tag us, #VisitMarshallCounty, with the location and images that your selfie trail consisted of!  Tell us about the fun experiences you had on your own selfie trail through Marshall County!

  1. Bremen Mural: One of our new spots in Marshall County that you can’t miss would be the Bremen Painting Mural! This is a beautiful painting with an aluminum frame that shows some “must sees” in Bremen. It is 40 inches so you have to check it out.. it is located at 1205 A W Plymouth St, Bremen, IN 46506.
  2. Blueberry Hank: You can’t miss getting your picture taken with the wooden Blueberry Hank in Centennial Park when you’re here in Marshall County! They took an old piece of a tree and cut a life size Blueberry Hank for people to take pictures in front of. Blueberry Hank is the mascot of the Marshall County Blueberry Festival, the largest 4-day festival in Indiana!
  3. Hoosier Homespun Hospitality Barn Quilt: One of the most famous spots to take a picture in front of would have to be the Hoosier Homespun Hospitality Barn Quilt, which is located on Garro Street (on the side of the Marshall County Historic)! This Barn Quilt is red, white and blue with the Indiana State Flag in front of the American Flag, it is beautiful to say the least.
  4. Culver lighthouse: Don’t miss the beautiful view of the Culver lighthouse! The lighthouse located next to culver beach, right on the water is the perfect place for selfies or family pictures. You may have to move forward if you want to take a selfies.. this lighthouse is HUGE!
  5. “I love Plymouth because…” chalkboard: Located on LaPorte Street on the side of Heartland Artist Gallery, you can find the “I love Plymouth because…” chalkboard! Feel free to write your favorite thing about Plymouth and sign your name, then step up and take a picture/selfie with your writing! Be sure to post it on social media and hashtag why you love Plymouth!
  6. The Rees Theater: Located in Downtown Plymouth is the Reece Theatre. You can find different things being advertised on their board! In general, this theatre is old and has so much history behind it. We are so excited that is be renovated and will be back in action soon. This would make such a cute, vintage picture to post on your social media so please come check it out!
  7. Alley Artwork: The Alley Artwork is located by Yolanda’s on the back of the Marshall County Historic Museum. You can find all sorts of things going on in the paintings. This would make the perfect background in a selfie or even to stand in front of with your friends and family.
  8. The Blueberry Sculptures: There are several Blueberry Sculptures throughout Plymouth and several at River Park Square specifically! You can find 13 total. Wouldn’t it be fun to go around and take pictures with all 13 of them? It would be a fun scavenger hunt with your friends… see who can get them all first! Don’t forget to tag us and let us know, we may be able to share your post for everyone to see.
  9. Fishing Pond at Argos Community Park: The Fishing Pond located at Argos Community Park would make the perfect spot to take pictures just as the sun goes down. You can enjoy a beautiful view and enjoy a picnic with the perfect background. There is nothing like a beautiful view to enjoy your lunch, head into the Argos Community Park to check it out.
  10. Covered Bridge in Centennial Park: The of the most beautiful places and historic sites in Centennial Park would have to be the Covered Bridge. Drive through Centennial Park in Plymouth and you will not miss it! Don’t forget to take pictures and tag us, as well as the Parks Department… I am sure they would love to see the engagement this bridge still brings!

We look forward to seeing your selfies and pictures with your friends/family with these wonderful “selfie spots” in Marshall County!