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Plymouth Speedway

Plymouth Speedway

Summer has finally arrived and racing season has begun! Head over to Plymouth Speedway where you’ll be able to enjoy races and much more fun filled events along with your family and friends! Plymouth Speedway homes a three-eighths mile banked paved track with a 1/5 mile banked dirt track! The walls around the track were constructed with Railroad ties. This oval dirt banked is owned by Ed Kennedy.

This track hasn’t always been as successful as it is today. Plymouth Speedway doors first opened in the Spring of 1952. Exactly two weeks after their grand opening racers started to complain stating that the surface of the track was impossible to race on. Owners took immediate actions and quickly solved the problem by applying “180 tons of limestone as a base, a two inch base coat, a one inch coat of finer material, and a 2 inch layer of 1,025 tons of asphalt.” This change made a tremendous impact by creating a stronger dimension of racing.

Ten years later Plymouth Speedway changed owners, Curtis and Russell Thews. This time the track went through a $150,000 remodeling. In 1967 Plymouth Speedway had a brand new look with an updated track surface making it more efficient to race on.

In 1969, Joe Hamsher and Howard Bice purchased the track after which Bice sold out., leaving Hamsher the sole owner. The track campaigned under the Tri-State Racing Association. This was a 3 track, 3 race night operation, with South Bend running Friday, New Paris on Saturday, and Plymouth, on Sunday. For the years up to 1973, Tri State was a very successful operation with big car counts, and tremendous crowds, especially Blueberry weekend.

Plymouth Speedway is a popular local attraction with hundreds of visitors each year. Races take place every Saturday night.

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