parks and recreational spaces

5 Benefits of Parks and Recreation

Recreational spaces, like parks, walking trails, and playgrounds, allow people to enjoy the outdoors on their own accord. These areas also offer opportunities to engage in jogging, sports, yoga sessions, and other activities with your family and friends. That said, having parks and outdoor spaces comes with many advantages. Here are some of them: Improved…

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green forest with water

5 Reasons To Travel Locally

While traveling internationally can be a great experience, you don’t always need to leave the country for a fun vacation. Instead, you can check out local tourist attractions. Aside from an easier travel experience, you might be surprised by the number of unique destinations you haven’t visited yet. Read on to learn about some other…

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woman shopping local

5 Reasons To Shop Local

Whether you’re in your hometown or traveling to another city, one thing you can do is choose local shops, be it for food, clothing, souvenirs, or other personal items. Supporting small businesses has numerous benefits, not only for the community but also for each consumer. Here are five reasons why you should shop locally: Strengthens…

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holding a sandwich

Why You Should Try Local Cuisine When Traveling

Traveling lets you see different places, meet various people, and create new experiences. For some, opportunities to travel don’t come as easy. So, when you do, whether you’re alone or with friends or family, it’s best to immerse yourself in your destination and experience everything you can during the trip. Doing so involves trying out…

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Cr8 UR Canvas

Top Spring Break Options in Marshall County

Spring break in Marshall County is just a short week away and if you are staying closer to home we have some fun ideas to enjoy for a weekend or just a day trip.  Make memories with your family and friends while enjoying our communities and attractions.

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LaPorte St Yellow River Foot Bridge Plymouth


Whether you are looking for a day trip or something to do with your family that is affordable, fun, and close to home, Marshall County, Indiana can provide you with that! Here is how to spend some time with family and friends. Come join us as you explore some of the hidden gem and…

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