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Marshall County by Season

Marshall County by Season


You've probably noticed that the weather always comes up in pleasant conversation. In the summertime, people will comment on the beautiful day. In the autumn, talk turns to the coming frost. Winter conversations are always focused on snow, whether it’s too much, or not enough. And come spring, you’ll hear more in regard to planting guidelines.

Summer in Marshall County

Time to flock to the beach. Get out in the boat. Celebrate the warm sun with a festival, or two. Stay up late and count the stars as they appear. Enjoy an outdoor performance. Eat way too much at a corn roast. Visit the County Fair. Learn more

Autumn in Marshall County

Time to gather in the harvest. Come together for meals. Go for long walks among the autumn colors. Reel in a prize-winning fish. Giggle at scarecrows. Give yourself a scare. Admire the work of local artists. Learn more


Winter in Marshall County

Time to get out the quilts and sit by the fireplace. Remember the joy of the first snow. Make reservations for some 5-star comfort food. Drop your line through a hole in the ice. Enjoy the silence of a snow-covered trail. Learn more

Spring in Marshall County

Time to watch for the first buds on the trees. Welcome back migrating birds. Breathe in gulps of fresh spring air. Splash in puddles. Ready the fields for a new crop. Stop and smell the flowers. Get out and celebrate our heritage. Learn more

Marshall County Climate & Weather

On average, the warmest month is July and the highest recorded temperature was 109F in 1936. The coolest month is January, with the lowest recorded temperature of -25F in 1985. June sees the most precipitation with an average rainfall of 4.48 Inches.

Monthly Averages for Marshall County

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Rainfall (in.)
January 32 16 2.16
February 38 20 1.86
March 49 29 2.85
April 62 39 3.96
May 74 49 4.27
June 83 58 4.48
July 86 62 3.74
August 84 60 3.35
September 77 53 3.58
October 64 42 3.19
November 50 32 3.19
December 37 22 2.78