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About Us

Marshall County Tourism

You can't beat our job! We're the people responsible for attracting visitors to Marshall County. We work to enhance our area's image by developing new programs and attractions, and marketing the current ones.

Our mission is to conduct marketing and sales programs to attract visitors to Marshall County and enhance our area's image so the county can derive the economic and social benefits of the prosperous tourism industry.

Marshall County Tourism is funded by a 5% innkeepers tax that is paid by visitors staying in our lodging facilities. This tax is used to pay our two staff members and develop new products and promote and encourage visitation to our county.


Tourism Impact in Marshall County

Tourism supports small business, improves quality of life, and enhances the local economy.

In 2017...



Our Team

Marshall County Tourism Staff​


Corine Humes | Executive Director



Jessica Beatty | Visitor Center Coordinator


Marshall County Tourism Board

Mark Damore Jr.        

Jeannette Teall

Kimberly Berger

Dean Byers

Linda Rippy

Mark VanDerWeele

Debi Salhoff