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Winter Fun!

Winter Fun!

Try to make the best out of this cold weather and get out in the snow! You can look into hitting up the sledding hills in the different communities in Marshall County. If the lakes are solid enough, put on your ice skates and head on out! There are all sorts of things you can do in the snow and we would love to see you out enjoying it! These sledding hills are all free but bring your own sleds, snowboards, toboggans, and whatever else you may want!

Feel free to head on over Lake Maxinkuckee for some fun ice skating. Lake Maxinkuckee is the second largest natural lake in the U.S. state of Indiana, covering 1,864 acres. Lake Max is beautiful in both the summer and winter, we would love for you to use it. Grab your ice skates, your best friend, and your mom to head on out for some fun on the ice! It is cold enough right now to use it but obviously be sure it is solid before you head on out to the middle!

Plymouth Sledding hill is currently open and full of snow! We love to see our locals out using Centennial Parks Sledding hill. The big hill is located at 1660 N Michigan St, Plymouth, IN 46563. There are different sides of the sledding hill you can choose from depending on how daring you are! One side is really steep, one side would be a longer ride, the front is the perfect height and the other side could be a little bumpy!

Argos Sledding hill is located at 560 W Walnut St, Argos, IN 46501. The Argos sledding hill is perfect for little kids, it is the perfect height and speed for kids! The Argos sledding hill is family friendly and we would love to see you there.

The big hill at Bremen is highly recommended. Sunnyside park is very friendly and welcoming as we want people to come use the facilities! Bremen Sledding hill is located at Woodies Lane, Bremen, IN 46506! Come on out and join us for some fun in the snow!

There is a sledding hill in Bourbon as well! We invite you to go to Summit Hill Chapel Hill right off State Road 10 in Berch! Since Marshall County has so many sledding hills, you can pick whichever one is closest to you! It would be fun to see people visiting the Bourbon sledding hill... don't forget to being your sleds!

The Culver Academies Sledding hill is a fan favorite. Many people go there for the thrill of the ride! This sledding hill is the biggest in Marshall County and we would highly recommend you to check it out! The Culver Academies Sledding hill is located at 1300 Academy Rd, Culver, IN 46511 in the woodcraft camp area off of US 10.

We know sometimes it is hard to get out in the cold weather, but of it means sledding and snowboarding with your family and friends.. why not? It is always fun to see people using the parks and different wonders of Marshall County, therefore feel welcome to head on out and make the best of your winter!