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Taco Wars Is Ready for You!

Taco Wars Is Ready for You!

Food wars is taking place again here in Marshall County, but this year is going to be better than ever! TACO WARS is this years event. So, what’s your favorite place to get your tacos from? Let us know and go VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Marshall County has competed in two food wars, in 2014 and 2015. The first year this event took place we did Pizza Wars. Wooden Peel in Bremen took the Northern Indiana vote and the county vote. The second year was Burger Wars. The View Tavern in South Bend took the Northern Indiana vote, and the Lake House Grille in Culver won county. This is an exciting event everyone can participate in! Hopefully Marshall County takes the win for Taco Wars!!

Up to ten restaurants will be nominated to compete in an online voting contest to see who makes the best Tacos in Marshall County. The first round for voting ends this coming Wednesday, July 19th, so make sure to go vote!! To go online and vote please visit our website at Visit Marshall County.org. Then, go to ‘dine,’ and under ‘dine’ you will find ‘Taco Wars – Marshall County.’ So far we have 213 entries!! We have a wide variety of restaurants that have been nominated, so picking the best Taco’s here in Marshall County will be tough.

After the first phase of voting takes place we will move on to the second round for Taco Wars. The voting for round two will start this Friday, July 21st, and will end on July 31st. Once it’s the 31st we will announce the best Taco in Marshall County. Whoever the winner is they will move on to the last, and final round. In the last round they will compete against the other county winners. These counties include Elkhart, Fulton, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Pulaski, St. Joe, and Starke. All these surrounding counties have Taco’s they are bringing to the table as well! Lots of competition will be taking place, but Marshall County is in it to win it!

On July 31, Marshall County Tourism will announce the ‘Best Taco in Marshall County’ and the winner will move on to the regional round to compete against the other county winners to win for ‘Best Taco in Indiana’s Cool North.’  August 4th is when the regional round begins, and August 14th is when it ends.

Go out and vote when you have the chance. Make this an exciting event for the restaurants that are participating, and make sure to go out and try these tacos!! You can’t vote unless you try them, am I right? Tacos can be unique, fun, and tasty. We have beef tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, and lots more! Everyone likes something different, but that’s what makes this event so awesome.