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Marshall County's Breakfast Wars Champion: Castaway's Family Diner

Marshall County's Breakfast Wars Champion: Castaway's Family Diner

  We are super excited to announce that our very own Castaway's Family Diner is in the running for the region’s best breakfast restaurant! We want to        congratulate them on being selected as Marshall County’s Breakfast Wars Winner! Voting has started and we need YOUR help!! Please click THIS LINK to vote for Castaway's! Marshall County won Taco Wars & Pizza Wars, it would be quite the honor to win Breakfast Wars as it would be our third time winning one of the Indiana's Coool North Food Wars! We would like to thank you for being loyal customers and voting them #1 Breakfast Restaurant in Marshall County, we know they appreciate it as much as we do!

After spending a morning at Castaway’s trying some of their favorite menu items, we were able to get some more information about Castaway’s and the family that owns it.

Castaway’s is run by 3 generations and has been committed to serving its customers the best possible food for over 15 years. Opening  in Knox in 2002 and moving to Plymouth in 2007, Castaways has always been a community favorite, valued by many for its great food at low prices.

17 years ago, Phyllis Foust embarked on a journey with her daughter and son in law, Carrol and Ricardo Gonzalez. The trio had all worked in the restaurant business prior to the opening of Castaways. Phyllis had worked as a waitress for many years, working as head waitress at several establishments. Ricardo had both kitchen experience, and experience bussing tables. Carrol had worked as a waitress part-time, while being a full-time nursing student. Sometime in 2001, while working at "", Phyllis had an epiphany and said to herself, "I could do this," and thus the idea of Castaways was conceived.

 Originally planned to be a small cafe open for the daytime, Castaways quickly became something much greater. A location was picked on the corner of Highway 35 and Toto Road in Knox. With the help of Carrol's father, Jerry Foust- owner of J&J Construction at the time, the restaurant began to take form, officially opening for business on February 13, 2002. Ricardo Gonzalez took over the kitchen portion of the business, with Phyllis and Carrol running the front. Carrol eventually graduated nursing school and took on a  full time job as a nurse, forcing her to limit her operations in the business, eventually leaving it, putting Phyllis in charge of the front.

Business proved to be successful in Knox, however, the leased building was aging and not holding up well. In 2007, the family closed their Knox location, relocating to the plaza directly in front of Walmart in Plymouth. The high traffic area provided by Walmart made the plaza a perfect location for a small restaurant. Opening in 2008, in the midst of the Great Recession, Castaways defied the odds and immediately became a success. Over the last ten years, Castaways has become a favorite by many in Marshall County. Ricardo is still in charge of the kitchen; Phyllis works a full-time job as the Assistant Jail Commander in Pulaski County. Both her and her grandson, Cruz Gonzalez (Ricardo and Carrol's son), lead a combined effort in running the front of the house. Carrol decided to expand her career and continue the entrepreneurial spirit of her parents by opening Cg's House of Dresses, a dress shop in Knox.

The family is very thankful to all of their loyal customers who choose to dine at Castaways. The regular customers Castaways has served over the years have become a part of the Castaways Family, with new members being added daily. Castaways would also like to thank their loyal employees, whose joint labor has allowed Castaways to thrive. Unlike other restaurants who have a high turnover rate, Castaways has had the majority of their staff remain the same since opening.”

We are so thankful they took their time to do this and we want them to receive the recognition they deserve, so please don’t hesitate to vote! If you have never been to Castaways we invite you to go try them out this week! If you have family and friends home, please invite them to Castaways and ask them to vote as well if they loved it as much as we do! Voting is from March 16th to March 26th! Thank you all and don’t forget… VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!