Marshall County, where your adventure awaits... | Visit Marshall County

Marshall County, where your adventure awaits...

Marshall County, where your adventure awaits...

Stop. Stop what you are doing. Stop making excuses. Stop trying to find the “best” place for a day trip that is outside your county.  There is no reason for it. There is no reason to spend so much time driving just to begin your trip when you can stay right here and have an adventure. There is so much magic in Marshall County that so many people that live here do not even realize is here. We are always looking for places to go and things to see but we never stop to think what is here, right here, in Marshall County that we haven’t been to or explored. There are amazing places throughout the county that are not visited enough, explored enough or appreciated enough.  I dare you to visit three places you have never been within Marshall County and see how long it takes you to explore those three places. To help you with this we will be featuring different gem within Marshall County for you to visit over the next few weeks. We hope that you will take the time to enjoy them but also don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your adventures, @VisitMarshallCo on Facebook or #inmarco/#visitmarshallco on Instagram!

Potawatomi Wildlife Park, which is located just south of Bourbon off 331, sits on an amazingly quiet 317 acre preserve along the Tippecanoe River.  This is one of those adventures where you don’t want to forget the camera, so many beautiful photo opportunities will present themselves while you are exploring and there is A LOT to explore. Imagine you are looking to be outside, enjoying the fresh air and just wanting to be one with nature. That happens here.

Walk the trails. See the turtles in the water. The different kinds of trees that are around you as you push further on.  The birds, oh the birds that you will  see, do you know the different kinds that are native to our area? This is great way to learn more about them! There is an Indiana Bird Field Guide that can help you to identify them; you can purchase that book here.  History, is that your thing? If so, Potawatomi Wildlife Park is the perfect place to find the oldest structure in Marshall County which is a cabin that was built in 1834. Picture op!  There is also a site within the park of a rare post-removal of the Potawatomi Village, known as Bennack's Village, that existed until the early 1850’s, how cool (yet depressing) is that? Right here! In your own backyard!  Canoeing or Kayaking up your alley? This is available here! Enjoy time on the Tippecanoe River while you relax and enjoy being in nature.

There is so much that is available for you to do at Potawatomi Wildlife Park! One of the best offerings is star gazing! Who doesn’t like to enjoy being outside at night just watching the stars in the sky?  Come out and enjoy the park in the magic of darkness as it is managed as a “Dark Sky Preserve” and is recognized as Indiana’s first by the Indiana Council on Outdoor Lighting Education (ICOLE), the International Darky-Sky Association (IDA), and the Indiana State Senate (resolution #7, 3/31/03). What is a “Dark Sky Preserve” you ask? Well, a Dark Sky Preserve is an area that restricts artificial light pollution.  It is a great place for astronomers and interestingly enough, the park is utilized by several different astronomical societies, schools and individuals to observe the sky in the relatively dark site. How AMAZING is that?! Right here. In YOUR backyard, there is a Dark Sky Preserve!

So, what do you say? Pretty cool place, right? I myself, enjoy heading out there with the family to walk the dogs, enjoy the trails, explore the different trees and flowers, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting. Most of all, I LOVE that is just a few minutes from my home and we can enjoy it as a family without having to travel hours on end to do so!

Stay tuned for more fun in Marshall County!