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Barn Quilt Trail

Barn Quilt Trail

There is no better way to check out the beautiful countryside of rural Northern Indiana and experience the culture than to check out the Barn Quilts along our trail here in Marshall County. Ever since the spring of 2009, several colorful quilt-pattern murals became evident in family homesteads and several public spaces. The Barn Quilt Trail was created by the Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau in partnership with local organizations and community members such as the Marshall County REMC, Banner Electric, Marshall County Community Foundation and the Marshall County Residents. We are thankful for all the volunteers who made the Barn Quilts that appear on the trail so beautiful.

The first known Barn Quilt was originally from Ohio when Donna Sue Groves honored her mother, who was a fabulous quilter, with a quilt pattern that she painted on the barn back in 2001. The ideal of these Barn Quilts then spread in rural areas like North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa and now Indiana. Indiana’s first Barn Quilt trail allows us to take the time and celebrate the history of agriculture, the passion our community has for art, as well as the Hoosier hospitality. The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail is divided into four different loops: The Northwest Loop, Northeast Loop, Southeast Loop and the Southwest loop. All of these loops start at the Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau in Plymouth. These can take between one or two hours to drive. If you would like to visit the Barn Quilt Trail here in Marshall County, you can come into the Marshall County Tourism Building and pick up a trail map, or you can go to where you can check out where these trails are and more about the history of the patterns in general.

The Heirloom quilt patterns are often painted on 4-foot-by-4-foot to 8-foot-by-8-foot square sheets of wood. There are not two barn quilts that are the same. All quilts vary is sizes, colors, designs and meaning. Quilt patterns tell stories about family, history and culture. The art of quilt making has become a huge deal ever since the first women settlers brought it to the American shores. Quilts have now become the social and economic history for family and communities. The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail contributes to the stories of those around us, bringing color and happiness into the beautiful landscaping of our country. We hope that the Barn Quilt Trail will take visitors and even residents on a memorable ride!